You are the driver

One of the most common sensations experienced in change is dread – when we feel dumped from the driver’s seat, someone else is at the wheel, and we’re careening toward a cliff.

Should we trust the driver, or jump out before we crest the chasm?

Here’s a little secret: you are the driver. You always retain the power to stay the course, or switch lanes. Don’t abdicate because you’re unsure, afraid or cynical. That’s tantamount to taking your hands off the wheel to cover your face, and is risky and foolish. Stay involved. Get the facts and assess them. Then, make some decisions: “I like what I’m hearing, so I’ll stick it out for a while to see how it unfolds,” or “I don’t like where we’re headed, so I’m going to find something else.”

Either option is legitimate. It’s when we hide somewhere in the middle that we go over the proverbial cliff… splat.