Phil Buckley, Change and Culture

Hi I’m Phil. I help leaders and their organizations build skills and confidence so they can take on new ways of working to achieve better results. It sounds simple but it’s not. Mergers, cultural changes, efficiency drives and a host of other change initiatives are difficult to manage well, especially when people must deliver short term results as they build future capabilities. That being said, over the past twenty-three years, I’ve led many successful change initiatives. It’s a great feeling to see a team succeed. That’s what drives me.


In 2010, I left the corporate world to write a book on change management, a lifetime goal. Change with Confidence: Answers to the 50 Biggest Questions that Keep Change Leaders Up at Night was published globally by Wiley (Jossey-Bass) in March 2013 and was awarded Top 30 Business Books in 2013 status by Soundview.


I live in Toronto with my wife Barb and teenaged sons, Sam and Charlie. Running became a passion for Barb and me about five years ago. It’s a great hobby, sport and fitness regimen, all in one. There is always a possibility that you’ll achieve a personal best time. That’s drives me too.