Start 2012 by giving a care

If 2012 is going to be the tough year that some suggest it’s going to be, how will you get your colleagues to go the distance? If there’s a downsize in the offing, pay cuts, no bonus, etc (I know I know, such a drag so early in the new year!), how will you get them push through? They’ve got to care, otherwise they’re not going to go to the wall for you. If you’re asking them to do something hard, you’ve got to give them something in return, and in tough economic times, that surely isn’t money. So what are you going to give them?

I’ll give you a hint – check the title of this blog.

Think of it this way: if it winds up being a great year, you’ll have one year of caring about them under your belt, which means your colleagues will have one year of caring about you under their belts too. Good karma for next year, whatever it brings. Win win.