Project Details

Skills: Infographic Design, Wall Graphics
Client: Loblaw

Project Description

SAP is confusing at the best of times, but when you're implementing the largest retail installation in history, it's bound to be complex. IT junkies love this stuff, but the average colleague doesn't. So, how to help them see the enormity of the undertaking? Pictures! We developed this concept to show all the interrelated steps on the way to "bright," where different departments of the business crossed over each other. The point - everything you do affects someone else. SAP loved it so much, they told the Wall Street Journal. And Krishan and I were famous (not really) for five whole minutes! This became the "feature wall" in the storied Loblaw SAP "war room." The tube map also became the compass everyone used to orient themselves throughout the project and even spawned a patented Kro and Mel animation.