Taking it all very personally…

There is no work and life. There’s just life, and life includes work. Isn’t it better to have your whole self at the ready when you’re managing through change? Why divvy it up? *

Beware of fortune cookie wisdom

What we need in times of change are motivators, not bloviators. ********

Do you have the nerve?

To affect change, you gotta have courage to stand behind your decisions. **********

Energized, happy and complete

Phil Buckley, change guru, wonders: are we being too rational in our approach to employee engagement? Guest blog!

Too little, too much, just right

When times are tough, we need our employees pulling in the same direction as us. To do that, they’ve got to know our challenges, our realities, and our strategy.

Resistance is futile

Where you are on the social media continuum is a good indicator as to whether or not you’re prepared to embrace change or wither on the vine.

Run according to conditions

Running is a lot like dealing with change. You can’t control the conditions, especially if change is being imposed upon you. But you can control your response.

There is always a musical, political or Simpsons reference

When you need to convey a complex message, think about how you can make it real for your audience. And don’t shy away from drawing analogies to the things they experience every day.

A hairy situation, a lesson in change communication

In times of change, it’s critical for leaders to get in front of the change and share the real story, even when its covered in warts and imperfections.

Authentic, the new fake

Tis the season to identify and vanquish overused and thus meaningless words to the retirement home. My contribution for Freedom 55 in 2011 are: excellence; journey; utilize and authentic.