Why I hate Spam

The problem with blogs: fraudsters posing as genuine commentators. *******

You oughta be in pictures…

Break down complex concepts into recognizable images. And don’t be afraid of analogies! That’s what we did, and got a nod in the Wall Street Journal! *******

Perception obscures reality

It’s not just the what and the why, it’s also the where, specifically where your team is in relation to the change you’re making. Context matters. *********

There is no map

For most of us, there is no map. Once we let go of the fear and anxiety around not having a fully baked future to shoot for, we can start to enjoy the ride. *********

When it really matters, the only way out is through…

When challenged, most of us look for alternatives, rather than facing it head on. Why is that? ***********

You are the driver

Even in the most sweeping change, we can control our own outcome. *********

To get there, you gotta leave here…

As the old adage goes, you can’t go back and really, why would you want to? *******

Say what you mean

A good portion of anxiety at work, especially during change, comes from a lack of clarity. So let’s just be clear. **********

Lessons from loafers

Sometimes what we think will be more uncomfortable for our people is exactly what they need. So let’s get off our asses and give it to them. **********

Who are you smiling at?

It’s tough to predict the responses of an employee, a team or an entire organization to change if we don’t actually know the people. ************