Accountability not credit

A real leader knows the difference. *****

King Corn

Contrary to the guy in the white hat, working and having fun aren’t mutually exclusive. *****

Paying it backward

Even as adults we can still learn a few things from Mom.. ****

Inconvenience begets progress

Suck it up buttercup… sometimes change bites, but progress is worth it. *****

Little lies

Even they have consequences. ****


Sorry, now let me tell you why it’s good…. ******

Just because you say it

…wish it, dream it, doesn’t mean it’s true. ******

Get into the groove

Check your assumptions because often, they’re wrong. *****

What the bunny finally taught me

Our continuing battle against that fraudster, fear. *****

Be who you are

…not who (or what) you think people think you should be. ****