Ray Don

Don’t let condescension be your guide. ****

Life lesson

Beware of shortcuts. They just might kill you, or something… ****

Pants, on fire

We’re in trouble when lying becomes our norm. News flash: we’re in trouble. ***

Go ahead, have your Cake

Don’t just say something; listen! ******

Judge the cover by the book

Don’t be shallow. Dive deep. *****

Broken record

Come clean, fully, or lose me forever. *****

Building up the callous

Change is a whole lot easier when we develop some resilience. ****

Ho ho ho

Happy holidays from Pivot. ****

No sacred cows, no silver bullets

It’s not time to pray, it’s time to do something about it. *****

Thin air requires thick skin

Leaders are held to a higher standard for a reason. ******