Engagement jumps the shark

Back in the 1980s the big management craze was TQM. To suggest it’s passé might be an overstatement, as I’m certain there are still dinosaur organizations that subscribe to its perfect i’s and t’s, boxes and categories, but it’s long since been supplanted by ISO certification and Six Sigma. Since then […]

Help us fight human trafficking

For four years and counting, Pivot has sponsored the Workout for Charity, a morning bootcamp session designed to get your heart pumping while raising dollars to help victims of human trafficking in Toronto and the GTA. Join us Monday, February 16 for a great workout and a great cause. For […]

I don’t wanna know…

Some years ago, I learned of a trick practiced by (some) senior HR leaders at corporate events (eg. holiday parties, retreats, etc.): they’d leave early, so they didn’t have to deal with the actual debauchery displayed by some employees who get too loose after a few free drinks. Instead, they’d […]

Let me stand next to your fire

You know that boring video they show at the beginning of every flight, the one that says in the event the cabin loses pressure, you should first put on your own oxygen mask before you help anyone else? There’s an important message there, so look up from your smartphone and […]

Buddy can you spare $14.97?

A few years ago, I gave up on Blackberry and got an iPhone. I patiently waited in line at my unnamed provider’s local outlet to complete the transaction. You see, I’d been pitched a deal – “trade in your old brick for a shiny new tricorder for only $50 (if […]

Making An Honest Living

In June of 2010, my very good friend and former colleague Luisa Girotto asked me an incredible question (and some might add, made me a generous offer): “Mel, do you want to write a book with me?” Did I ever! I’d been in the trenches with Luisa for close to 6 […]