Beef-like flavour

Regular readers will know I dislike the word “authentic.” It’s so overused, it is the new fake. Regardless, I remain confident that there is still some “genuine realness” out there, somewhere. Just not in the only soft dog treats we could find to accommodate our pooch’s recent dental surgery recovery. Nope, instead of Bessie, Abe got ‘beef-like flavour.’ (It was a canine emergency!)

Kind of reminds me of a few leaders and a few businesses out there, purporting to be all authentic and real. If it looks, smells and tastes like chicken, it still may not be chicken (trust me, I’m a shifty vegetarian). And most of us are catching on. Real leaders lead. Fake leaders talk about leadership, but can’t lead their way out of their own office, let alone a crisis, a change, or a charge to Valhalla. Real businesses that care about their customers, their people and their communities get on with it, while others just bla bla bla about it and apply for corporate awards.

My advice: take note, take care and take cover. As William Gibson suggests in his latest book (only marginally related to this topic, but telling nonetheless), ‘distrust that particular flavour.’ I know I will. Abe, well, he’s just a dumb dog (though a pretty freaking cute one).