Why I hate Spam

My husband is a Monty Python nut. Few men aren’t, so I’ve learned to suck it up. “Spam ham, spam bacon ham,” bla bla bla. Now that’s comedy. But I absolutely abhor the spam we receive regularly in response to our blog posts. No, we don’t need cheap viagra, a butt lift or the 30 million dollars you’d like to transfer to our account to keep it safe while you escape from the Kingdom of Mordor.

Spam is a drag. We spend a lot of time thinking about and developing what we post at Pivot before we post it, and we welcome genuine dialogue and debate. Sadly, the only attempts at online dialogue of late are some badly translated offers to monetize our blog. FYI, we’re not interested.

The internet is a beautiful thing. It’s made authors of many of us who otherwise would never have a published voice. It’s accessible, easy, and for the most part, equalizing. It’s good of course, but also bad, because it’s a handy runway for slimy fraudsters to rid unsuspecting folks of their hard earned savings, or clog up the airways of organizations that just want to have a conversation.

Here’s my commitment to you: post a real comment, we’ll publish it, and let the games begin. If you’re a spammer, however, you’ll have to find another sucker.