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Some of the happiest people I know have only a vague idea of where they’re going. They achieve joy through the pure art of being.

Not all of us are comfortable with this apparent lack of direction, but too many of us put our full faith in our ‘plan,’ that five or ten year view that has us sporting grandiose titles and making buckets of money by the time we’re 40. That laser focus – something that was drilled into me for the first five years of my career – is of little comfort when an unexpected change knocks us off our cherished plan.

I think it’s okay to not know exactly where we’ll be in five years. After all, being adaptable allows us to embrace new opportunities we didn’t even know existed, and to rebound when we inevitably get sideswiped by an unexpected change.

It’s so hard, though, to just sit back and enjoy the ride, isn’t it?