Melodie Barnett, Communication, Culture and Change

Hi, I’m Mel, and I’ve spent my career helping organizations build amazing cultures as a communicator, organizational development practitioner, culture advocate and change lead.

I’ve championed communication and change on a number of transformational initiatives including corporate cultural shifts, restructures and downsizings, acquisitions and mergers, divestitures, efficiency drives and systems changes in Canada and across the Americas and Europe.

In 2008 I established Pivot to provide communication support to like-minded clients in the areas of executive leadership, employee engagement, change alignment and cultural revolution. I’ve even co-written a book about it – An Honest Living: be wildly successful without being a jerkavailable on Amazon.

I have a BA in political science and history, a grad degree in political science, and a diploma in adult education from the University of Toronto, OISE. I share a 90-year old bungalow in TO with Steve and our rescue mutt Lyle. In my spare time I enjoy hiking, canoeing and listening to good music. I no longer tolerate running, but a good walk never hurt anyone.