So long Claire

I’m a CBC nut. When Steve and I moved to Toronto in 1995, one of the first places we visited was the CBC building on Front Street, and one of the first things I purchased in my new city was a CBC key chain. It keeps my keys together to this very day.

Over the years, there have been a lot of changes at the CBC, not all of them good, especially when it comes to the funding model. If you’re as disgusted by this as I am, go here and give them some money.

Anyway, there have been a lot of changes over the years. Personalities come and go. Some couldn’t leave soon enough, and still others can’t take the hint and stick around forever. But it’s the ones that wheedle their way into our hearts, through our living rooms or car radios, that kill us a little when they up and leave. Two words: Barbara Budd (okay, I’ll say Mary Lou Finlay too, but she retired. And for the record, I know Barbara didn’t “leave”).

The latest is Claire Martin, that intrepid, delightful, charming Claire, who made weather – national and local – interesting and often hilarious. Thanks Claire, you ruined our Friday with your final weather cast :(.

But here’s the thing: we’ve seen Claire leave before. Only last time, it was Avril Benoit, whose exit created space for the amazingĀ Matt Galloway. And Claire Martin, her entry was (kind of) facilitated by the exit of the charming Nick Cerncovich. So, though change can be sad, it can also make way for us to meet new friends. Like Claire Martin.

So, good luck Claire, as you head off on your next adventure. Hopefully we’ll see you sometime in the near future on the Discovery channel, like our old pal Barbara Budd. Ug, don’t even get me started about Barbara Budd…