I once worked with a guy who was a Lance Armstrong fanatic. He idolized him so much that he was personally crushed when Lance’s extramarital relationship with Sheryl Crow went public (the same Sheryl Crow Lance bailed on when she was diagnosed with cancer – for me, an even greater act of indecency, but I digress).

I wonder how my former colleague Tom feels today, knowing his beloved Lance has been stripped of his seven Tour de France victories. Knowing Lance’s sponsors are bailing like rats off a sinking ship. Knowing that Lance will likely endure years of law suits from those sponsors and from media outlets he sued successfully for liable because they claimed he was doping. Knowing that what he learned about Lance all those years ago wasn’t just a slight transgression or an error in judgement, but a genuine character flaw: Lance is a cheat and a liar.

What a way to build a dream. It is, after all, just a fantasy.