Broken record

Jodie Foster’s Cecil B. Demille Award acceptance speech was something, wasn’t it? Frankly, reading the transcript is more moving than it was watching it unfold uncomfortably on live television, but nevertheless, I found it a stunning display of honesty. Not that she had to say anything about her private life. She owes us nothing. She’s done absolutely nothing wrong and need not atone for any missteps. She’s a great actor and director, and she gives that to us in spades. No other explanations required. Regardless, it was remarkably genuine.

And then there’s Lance Armstrong, who today will apparently record an interview with Oprah where he’ll finally come clean on juicing to win seven Tour de France yellow jerseys. I’ll believe it when I see it. I suspect it will be a qualified admission, one designed to inflict the least amount of damage to his already destroyed reputation. One designed to minimize the potential for lawsuits. Worst of all, one designed to give just enough that he’ll be allowed to compete professionally again – in triathlons and other competitive events – something he’s banned for life from doing currently. So, another self-serving move from one of the most narcissistic men on Earth.

I think I’d give Lance another chance if he came out of the closet like Jodie Foster just did, laid it all bare, apologized for letting his fans down, and then went on to work the rest of his life to get doping out of professional cycling. But he won’t. So I’m not giving him another chance. Just today I was in my local sporting goods store looking for some new workout wear and I walked right past the Livestrong gear, even though it was all deeply discounted. I’d rather work out in the smelly giveaway t-shirts I earned fairly by participating drug free (admittedly, it shows) in charity runs, than give him, or any organization associated with him, my money.

Because cheaters never prosper, at least not on my dime.