Blow your bubble

I love bubbles. They’re light and airy. They’re fragile but flexible and renewable (pop one, blow another). They can merge with other bubbles to make another, bigger bubble, or form a little community of bubbles with one bubble surrounding many others. A bubble is something to be nurtured and cherished.

When I find a person or a group of people I can care about, a bubble starts to form. As time goes by, I give more of myself to them, and they give more of themselves to me. We grow together. The bubble gets stronger. Inside the bubble, we have enough space and respect to be ourselves. We can also see outside the bubble, and sometimes what we see isn’t pretty – politics, backbiting, undermining. But not in our bubble. We celebrate our individual or collective wins, and support each other when things are tough. The bubble is indeed the place to be.

Sometimes the bubble breaks; the business goes sideways, people leave. No worries. Once you’ve been in a bubble, you’ll want another. You don’t have to wait for it though. Go on, start blowing.