Be who you are

Back in my university days I took a course on federal-provincial relations with a prof who was in the thick of it when Pierre Trudeau repatriated the Canadian constitution. I was set to learn from an actual horse’s mouth what really went down on the Canadian night of the long knives. This was exciting stuff for a political junkie like me. So imagine my disappointment when Professor Boring stood behind the podium and directly read from the $200 textbook we were all expected to read anyway. Seriously? What I needed from him was his experience, the lowdown, the details from the trenches, the words of a seasoned politician. What I got was his idea of what a professor should be Рtheoretical, balanced, agnostic, snorefest.

Eighteen years later, I still want my money back.

If we all spent less time acting like who we think we should be versus just being who we are, I bet you we’d all be more successful. And none of us would be boring. Well, maybe…