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So you’ve got to make some changes to your business, and your employees need to help. They can’t if they don’t understand what you need and why you need it. First, you have to make your point. Then, together, you can make it happen. Pivot can help.


Pivot does

We specialize in employee communication, corporate culture development and change integration that matters – to you and your employees. We help organizations of all sizes clarify their needs and attach real meaning to their calls to action, to appeal to and energize their employees to make it happen.  


From developing your communication strategy, to creating the support materials – key messaging, creative, templates, etc. – to executing the plan: we help you make your point, and make it matter.


From developing a cultural strategy, to facilitating purpose and values conversations, to creating community investment programs that truly engage your team: we help you start your own cultural revolution.


From helping you map the change, to building the strategy, to ensuring your people have what it takes to weather the storm: we help you embed change agility into your business. Because it never only happens once.

How we do it

1We identify your pivot point – the core belief or purpose of your organization that should guide all your decisions. Additionally, we clarify where you want to go, and what’s holding you back. We help you create your story.

2We work with stakeholders throughout your organization to develop a strategy to inform your team about the new initiative or direction, and get them involved and engaged. When they understand the what and why, your team is better equipped to navigate it and embrace it.

3We execute the plan in full or in part, depending on your needs. We can do it all, or we can work with your team to execute the plan thoughtfully and successfully in-house. Whatever option you choose, we’ll get your organization pointed and moving in the right direction.

4We develop a sustainment plan to course correct where necessary, build momentum and measure your success.

Pivot is

We’re a collective of communicators, change managers and graphic designers committed to making your organization a place your employees want to be, not just where they’ll hang out until they win the lottery or something slightly better comes along. We are:


Melodie Barnett

Communication, Culture and Change

Phil Buckley

Change and Culture

Kelly Norgate

Communication and Change

Monica Sagl

Communication and Change

Laurie Barnett

Graphic Design

Krishan Jayatunge

Graphic Design / Video Work

Steve Wardle


Pivot is green.

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Pivot is based in Toronto, Canada.

To learn more about our approach and philosophy, and how we can help you connect with your employees,
contact Mel @

P: 1.647.588.7575

W: melodie@pivot.ca




Make your point. Make it matter. Make it happen.